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Growing to 160cm Radio is a live podcast hosted by T.Rese on Twitch weekly on Fridays @ 6 pm CST/5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT. It is a podcast that focuses on the Anisong, Youtaite, and J-Pop community with occasions of episodes focusing on T.Rese's career.
The main concept of the show is growth, both in career and as a person. Self-reflections as well as an opportunity to provide a space of positivity are some of the main goals of the show.

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DM @160cmRadio on Twitter
Email to [email protected]

About the Host

T.Rese is a new utaite and soloist. Generally goes by Rese for short. The purpose of the radio is to allow thoughts to be expressed in words as well as to have an opportunity to meet different kinds of people.

Radio Corners

You can find the list of corners as well as a brief description on what each corner will consist of.
Note: Not all corners will appear in each episode and will rotate as accordingly each week.

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